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Made in the NW for the NW!

Built in Kalama, Washington USA

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Dave Calhoun

P.O. Box 1846

Kalama, WA 98625




NW Rods Story

I started fishing with my Dad in 1976. I was 4 years old and every minute I spent on the water with my Dad was memorable. He was my favorite fishing Buddy! We used to fish the North Fork Reservoir above the Clackamas river in Oregon at least twice a week. There I caught a million Trout and a few Steelhead that had been put there by the fish truck. That fish truck was my favorite vehicle on the road. These Summer weekends were the best, and started my love of all things fishing!

Fishing is in my blood, so I thought how can I combine my passion and build a career? Rod building was a perfect combination!

I have been building rods since 2004 and have learned from some of the best in the business. Its been a journey and I look forward to many more years.

All NW Rods are proudly made in the USA!



Dave Calhoun

Owner & Rod Builder

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Rod Models

proudly made in the usa!

We have MANY Models available!

Please reach out for the full

NW Rods lineup.

Current Special on


Steelhead Rod Models

S-741 7'4" 1/16-3/8OZ 4-8#

S-762 7'6" 1/4-1/2OZ 6-12#

S-801 8' 1/4-1/2OZ 6-12#

S-803 8' 3/8-7/8OZ 8-17#

S-804 8' 1/2-1OZ 10-20#

S-805 8'2" 1/2-2OZ 12-25#

S-864 8'6" 3/8-1OZ 8-17#

S-903 9' 3/8-3/4OZ 8-12#

S-904 9' 3/8-1OZ 8-17#

S-962 9'6" 1/8-3/8OZ 6-10#

S-964 9'6" 1/4-1/2OZ 6-12#

S-965 9'6" 3/8-3/4OZ 8-17#

S-966 9'6" 1/2-1OZ 10-20#

S-1062 10'6" 1/8-3/8OZ 6-10#

S-1063 10'6" 1/4-1/2OZ 6-12#

S-1064 10'6" 3/8-3/4OZ 8-17#

S-1065 10'6" 1/2-1OZ 10-20#

Salmon Rod Models

NWC-765 7'6" 1-3OZ 10-30#

NWB-824 8'2" 3/8-4OZ 10-20#

NWC-904 9' 3/8-1OZ 8-17#

NWC-905 9' 1-4OZ 10-30#

NWC-965 9'6" 1-4OZ 10-30#

NWC-966 9' 1-4OZ 10-40#

NWC-1064 10'6" 1-4OZ 10-20#

NWC-1065 10'6" 1-4OZ 10-30#

NWC-1066 10'6" 1-4OZ 15-50#

NWC-1204 12' 1-4OZ 10-20#

NWC-1205 12' 1-4OZ 10-30#

NWC-1206 12' 1-4OZ 15-50#

NWC1305 13' 1-6OZ 10-30#

NW Rods Merchandise

Why not Rep your Favorite Rod brand

with some NW Rods Swag!

Short Sleeve T-shirts = $25.00

Long Sleeve Dry-fit Green Shirts $30.00

NW RODS Sweatshirts = $40.00

Classic Black, Orange or Lime green

NW Rods Merchandise

Why not Rep your Favorite Rod brand with some NW Rods Swag!

To Order:

Email us at dave@nwrods.com

Sticker/Decal = $10.00

Iron-On Patch - $5.00

Hats $25.00

We also sell blanks to rod builders

From Saltwater to Fly Rods...

America Made Blanks

Made in Washington State


Call Dave for info...

American Made Blanks

Details Coming Soon

Warranty Page

We are a small enough Rod builder to still care about good Old fashion Customer Service!

Break a tip? Save the story and send it back for a

$50 replacement tip.

Mail to P.O. Box 1846 Kalama, WA 98625

Need help with something else?

Email us at dave@nwrods.com

Coming Soon...

Opening our

sister shop in

Blanchard, Idaho!

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